My name is Betje (pronounced Betcha).

  • I have over twenty years of experience as an illustrator and cartoonist, illustrating anything from children’s books to calenders and greeting cards that were sold all over the Netherlands and the United States.

  • I’ve created cartoons that are shared by Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, 9Gag and many others.

  • I write and draw short stories for one of the longest running comic magazines in the Netherlands: Tina.

  • I draw cartoons live at events.

  • I write and draw about life, creativity and climate change on Substack.

SOME OF MY illustrations

Live cartooning

I take humor very seriously. Humor has the capacity to expose painful truths and show incongruities in the way we live and think. Combine this with visual storytelling and we have the most incredible tool to engage people. That's why I think it's helpful to invite an experienced cartoonists to your conference or discussion.
It's not just to bring in some fun - although it will! - it's because it will take the discussion one step further: right to the hearts of your participants.


"Betje’s work offers our humanitarian team the unique power of visual humor: her art can detect and depict the core of what’s absurdly wrong about our climate problems, therefore shedding light on potential ways forward. Her “Atlas of Doom” cartoon has already inspired a generation of scientists, disaster managers, climate negotiators, and activists."

Pablo Suarez - Associate director for research and innovation, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

"In late 2022, Betje was one of the new comic creators that we offered a six-week publication spot in our girls magazine Tina as part of the "comic talents" project. She instantly came up with the idea for 'Rei & Lieve', dealing with adolescent temper. After a nice and creative meeting at our editorial offices, she made her comic with no need for much editorial interference on my part, using her trademark spontaneous drawing style. As her feature treated territory we had not entered before, 'Rei & Lieve' was a welcome addition to our comic pool."

Bas Schuddeboom - comic editor at DPG Media

"As Betje's editor at Babble, I am consistently impressed with her humor and professionalism. She delivers monthly submissions of parenting cartoons and illustrations that resonate with our audience, and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her and her work."

Megan Sayers Chapham - Senior Content Strategist at | Disney Interactive